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The stylized display.
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The control panel.

Derby Score is a small application which can be used as a scoreboard for Roller Derby bouts. Though there are existing applications which aim to do similar things some commercial such as Scoreboard Deluxe and some free such as DerbyBoard PC and Derby Scoreboard, we felt that there was room to improve. One of the areas which we wanted to focus on was the visual appeal of the scoreboard making something which was flexible enough and pretty enough to satisfy our league, sponsers and fans.

Derby Score is free of charge and open source sporting a BSD License, making the source code available for others to view, use and extend with a few minor conditions. The application is cross-platform running equally well on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Has an extremely flexible layout and rendering engine allowing for complete control of the look and feel of the scoreboard. The use of javascript to conditionally modify the display of the scoreboard based on the domain model of the application.

We hope you try and enjoy the scoreboard and would love to hear your feedback or suggestions for future improvement.

Download Derby Score 1.2.36

Windows LogoWindows (installer) (Download)

Mac OSX LogoMac OSX (installer) (Download)

Linux LogoLinux x86 (installer) (Download)

Linux LogoLinux x64 (installer) (Download)

Linux LogoLinux PPC (installer) (Download)

The quality and reliability of Derby Score and all software is very important to me as a developer. Nothing would be more embarrassing than having the application fail on bout day. Since this is an open-souce application we have the freedom to publish the results of tests that we run against the application before releasing it so that you have confidence in the software you are using.

We currently use the static-analysis tool called Findbugs to look for certain classes of errors within the application. We also use JUnit and Cobertura to execute unit tests on sections of the application and to get an idea of how much of the application is being exercised by our test suite.

The source code for Derby Score is freely available and is released under a BSD License for your use. You may grab a copy from the mercurial repository at the following location. More information on the Mercurial SCM tool can be found here.

# hg clone

I would like to thank Will Hutson aka. Oliver Pist for contributing ideas as to the feature set and design of the scoreboard, motivation and really nice looking images to use in the default theme for the scoreboard and for his work in dressing up the league and team logos for use during our bouts!

If you have suggestions comments or otherwise feel free to send Russ Francis aka. Algebro a note.